How to use the Collection Management Features

When logged in, three small icons will appear in the top-right hand corner of a cigar entry on the brand pages. Add box to collectionNo stockAdd box to wishlist

The Add box to collection icon is for adding a box to your collection. Clicking this icon will bring up the Add Box window where you can enter details about the box in question – the box code, the number of cigars it contains, and any notes you might care to add, such as the source, where it is stored in your humidor, and so on.

Your entire collection can be viewed via the Collection link in the top right hand corner of the site.

The Stock icon indicates at a glance whether or not you have a specific cigar in stock in your collection. If the box is empty (No stock) , you do not have this cigar, while if it is full (In stock), you do. When the box icon is full you can click it to bring up the Stock Screen, which displays the details of the boxes in your collection.

On the Stock Screen you have an option to edit a box using the Edit box icon, or remove it using the Remove box from collection icon. You can also ‘smoke’ a cigar using the Smoke one icon. This will bring up the Smoke One screen.

On the Smoke One screen you can rate the cigar on six different flavour characteristics, and enter a brief review. These reviews will appear in your Smoking Diary, which can be accessed via the Smoking Diary link at the top of the site. Submitting a review will automatically decrease the number of cigars in a box by one.

Should this feature prove popular, the flavour ratings will be used in aggregate to determine the member consensus of the different characteristics of cigars, and allow searches ordered by specific characteristics.

The Add box to wishlist icon adds a cigar to your Wishlist, which can be accessed via the Wishlist link in the top right hand corner of the site. When the star is lit up (Remove box from wishlist), it indicates that the cigar is already on your Wishlist. Clicking this icon when it is lit up will remove the cigar from your wishlist.

All these features are experimental, and have been added to improve the utility of Cuban Cigar Website. Please contact with any feedback or suggestions you may have.
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